I'm a full-stack web developer whose focus leans towards front-end development.

I work with accessibility in mind, by ensuring that it's properly implemented in new sites, and by retrofitting improvements into existing sites. I enjoy writing modern CSS and am keen to learn more about how the web can be made cleaner & greener.

I'm from the UK, but these days I live in Tampere, Finland. 🇫🇮

About my work

Professionally, I have always used WordPress as the foundation of the sites I have built and worked on for clients. Outside of my job, I enjoy experimenting with other technologies in side projects; lately, I have been using Eleventy static site generator, in addition to NuxtJS.

Have a peek at some of my stuff. 👀

About my hobbies

When I'm not coding, I love playing the guitar and listening to metal music (although, actually, I listen to metal while I'm coding too). I also enjoy landscape photography, have a look at George Hieron Photography if you'd like to see some of my images. 📷

Apart from all that, I'm really interested in medieval history (particularly the Viking age), and learning languages. I can speak Norwegian, Finnish, a little Swedish and Danish, and even some Old Norse. 📜